mezzlogosquare.pngMEZZMEDIA  builds dynamic New Media based platforms

Our focus is Online Development & Strategy with a Project Management approach.

  • Online Development | Strategy
  • Project Management


Our Experience

Experiential capital at its prime! MEZZMEDIA is comprised of a dynamic group of talented and driven members who aim high and deliver where most needed, quality of product and clarity of purpose.

These traits are essential to navigate the uncertainties associated with online project development.  It is rare to fully grasp the desired project outcome, therefore the ability for all levels of support to identify opportunities and threats throughout development processes is needed.

Our use of Standardized Project Management Approaches allows us to break down the risk areas, identify contingency plans and fully monitor the critical path we strive for.  This approach identifies areas of further thought and research required by our clients in a consultative process many find reveals the details underlying many projects that were unknown in earlier stages.